The sleep guru’s guide to your best night’s sleep ever

Q: How can I achieve the best night’s sleep?

A: Dr Chad Eldridge, Hastens ( sleep and wellbeing advisor, says: 

“Assuming you have a bed that accounts for adequate support and comfort, keep your bedtime routine simple. If complex you won’t stick to it and create anxiety around sleep, which is counterproductive. 

Create a realistic sleep schedule that you can easily stick to, set up a sleep environment that allows you to relax, and set up the routine that helps you calm down and prepare for sleep. This will be different for everyone, so find what works for you, keep it simple, and be consistent. 

If you have a bad night’s sleep or something comes up that may disrupt your sleep, don’t freak out, just get back on track the next night. 

Incorporate basic exercise and morning light exposure for 10-30 minutes of walking into your daily routine.”

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