This ‘bold’ plan will lead to a new police officer in every village, Priti Patel declares | Politics | News

Our first duty as a Government is to keep our country safe.

The 20,000 extra police officers we have delivered since 2019 have been transformational to the fight against crime with knives and drugs taken off of our streets and it should reassure Britain’s hard-working law-abiding majority that we are now going further.

This bold action to deliver 8,000 more police officers to arrest violent criminals to protect our communities and tackle anti-social behaviour will mean at least one more officer in every village in England and Wales.

We will also add conditions to the funding to make sure the money goes into police officers and not diversity officers.

As the party of law and order, our war on crime has led to overall crime coming down 55 per cent since 2010.

The difference will be greater if you vote for the Conservatives.

This contrasts with Labour’s feeble soft on crime approach with no plan to tackle the causes of crime alongside their unfunded pledge of 3,000 extra police officers.

Look at their record in areas controlled by Labour Police and Crime Commissioners, where the public are 40 per cent more likely to be victims of crime.

We’ve seen Labour politicians talk down our police, while Sadiq Khan’s own failure across London to keep the public safe and meet the police recruitment London needs sums up Labour’s indifference to public protection.

Labour’s record proves they cannot be trusted to keep you safe.

In Parliament, we have been bold with strong laws to tackle crime. The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act and Sentencing Act brought in tougher sentences for the worst criminals, which Labour voted against.

On protests and disorder, they opposed the laws which would help the public to go about their daily lives and be kept safe.

This shouldn’t surprise us as one of Labour’s biggest donors, Dale Vince, has bankrolled the Extinction Rebellion louts who have damaged property, blocked ambulances and seek to undermine our democracy, while Labour MPs have campaigned to stop dangerous foreign offenders being removed from Britain.

The choice at this election is clear. One party who prides itself as being opposed to tough action on law and order, whose politicians back the rights of criminals and is bluntly soft on crime; or the Conservatives who believe in the values of law and order with a clear plan and record to drive crime down.

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