UK hot weather maps turn bright yellow as UK basks in 24C heat bomb | Weather | News

UK weather maps have turned bright yellow as Brits are set to bask in a 24C ‘heat bomb’ later this month.

Forecasters WXCharts have predicted a spell of hot weather to hit the UK on Thursday, May 30, bringing with it high temperatures and sunny skies.

Temperatures will be highest in the Scottish towns and cities of Aberdeen, Inverness, Fort William and Wick, reaching between 20C and 24C.

Slightly further south, Edinburgh, Dumfries, as well as Northern Ireland, will see temperatures of between 19C and 21C.

Newcastle, Carlisle and Manchester in the north of England, and Cardiff in south Wales will be see the mercury rise to between 18C and 20C.

The midlands (Birmingham, Norwich) and the southwest of England (Plymouth) will hover between 16C and 18C and the coldest area of the country will be north Wales (Conwy) and southeast England (Canterbury, London), with temperatures between 13C and 15C.

The Met Office says of this period: “Temperatures will probably remain a little above average.

“Similar weather conditions to those of the preceding few days are most likely to characterise this period to the end of May; a mixture of unsettled periods with rain and showers and settled interludes in-between.”


Cloud and patchy rain easing in central areas, and showers dying away for all but the far southwest, allowing some patchy mist and fog in places. Mild under any cloud.


Remaining cloudy with patchy rain across northern and eastern England and southern Scotland. Elsewhere, warm sunny spells but showers developing by the afternoon, with a risk of thunder.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Warm sunny spells and heavy and thundery showers continue on Friday and Saturday, particularly in the south. Fewer showers in the north on Sunday. Feeling warm in any sunshine.

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