Woman ‘catches Covid from used tissue from newly purchased jacket’ | UK | News

“I contacted Pretty Little Thing and told them what had happened but they didn’t seem at all interested. Later the next day I started feeling ill and I lost my sense of taste and smell, a cough and a temperature.”

“I didn’t feel well at all and so I took a Covid test and it came back positive. I have been working from home and haven’t been out so I can only have got it from the jacket and tissue so I told Pretty Little Thing but they just fobbed me off.”

Pretty Little Thing told the US Sun in a statement that it is investigating the incident, adding that the clothing had been shipped by Clipper Logistics, a UK-based retail logistics company that sells a variety of products such as fashion.

The United Kingdom announced its first national lockdown in mid-March 2022 after a woman in her 70s was tested positive and became the first confirmed virus-related death in the country.

In the four years since the first cases struck Europe in January 2020, the UK has recorded more than 24 million cases and over 232,000 deaths linked to the disease.

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