Woman shares £40 Amazon buy to save her turning on lights at night

An Amazon shopper has found a smart home gadget to help her cut cost in electricity bills while elevating her home. Kay, from the US, bought a set of wireless lights so she could avoid turning on the traditional lights in the house.

It’s the Ezvalo Dimmable Wireless Under Cabinet Kitchen Lights, £39.99, comes in a set of five so you can place one in different rooms or shelves. The thin light panels are not only dimmable, they are also equipped with motion sensors with remote control.

Kay explained on TikTok: “These under-cabinet light bars are wireless and rechargeable, they’re so much more affordable than the traditional under-cabinet lights. They adhere to any surface with magnets and adhesive on one side so you can easily take the light bars off if needed for charging.

“They are also ultra-slim and lightweight enough to attach this with magnets without falling down. There is three light settings that you can set, to keep the lights on all the time, off completely or on with the auto motion detection. It has rechargeable batteries that’s enough between one and two months on a single charge based on how you use them.

“You can also install them under pantry stalls, shelves, and even bookcases to illuminate shoes and handbags. It can instantly elevate space to make it feel more customised. You can set off a vibe with the cool or warm options beneath staircases and bathroom basins.

“It’s also rental-friendly since you can remove the stickers any point and it comes with a remote that has five different timer modes. Less controls to dim or increase brightness and on/off buttons. I love it when I go in the kitchen at night to grab a glass without turning on the regular lights, as well as sneaking the one last dish in the dishwasher right before bed.”

If you don’t need five wireless lights, you can opt for a three-pack for £29.99 and viewers loved Kay’s idea as one said: “Very cool! I need these.”

“I love these, I’ve had them for a few months, best buy!” a second said and a third added: “The quality feels decent. I’m using them in a garden shed and was delighted to find out they would connect magnetically to the tin roof I’d installed with no other fixings required.

“The sensors all appear to work perfectly and the remote works well too. Fairly intuitive to set up and I suspect the batteries will last for a long time.”

The Ezvalo lights has over 1,500 5-star ratings on Amazon and shoppers said it’s “practical” and “easy to use”. 

Some said the motion sensors “did not work” on their lights and another was left disappointed after realising the lights “stopped charging after one use”.

A third added: “Seems to need recharge a lot more than I thought but bright and do the job.”

The lights can replace the traditional lights so you can avoid turning on the big bright lights at night. For those who don’t want to recharge every few days, you can consider a plug-in version. The LOHAS plug-in Motion Sensor Night Light is great to install in corridors and stairways. 

It’s £15.99 for a single light and it will automatically turn off after 60 seconds of inactivity. Govssing’s Under Cabinet Kitchen Lights offers a higher power 4000mAh rechargeable light with an indicator to show battery life. It’s currently on sale for £28.79 on Amazon.

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