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A Redditor has left people tearing their hair out trying to solve this devilishly difficult brainteaser.

Scottkollig, a user on the social platform, posted a photo of ancient ruins in Thailand, revealing that a sneaky creature was hiding somewhere in the image.

The world traveller spotted what he affectionately called “nature’s deadliest predator” while visiting the Southeast Asian country.

The challenge is to try and spot the cat lurking around the historic site in under 20 seconds.

But beware, tracking the tabby down will require concentration and superb vision. Set a timer and take a close look at the image above. If you think you’ve found it, scroll down to see where the critter was camping out.

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Stairs up the side of the ancient structure appear to be devoid of life in modern times until you look a little closer.

Holes have opened up in the brickwork over time, due to it being exposed to the elements for centuries.

A closer inspection reveals several holes across the structure, especially close to the central staircase.

In one black hole, you can just make out a pair of eyes staring back, belonging to a cat evidently fond of the Thai heritage site.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t find the crafty creature in the time limit, we’ve got an array of other puzzles and games to sharpen up your senses.

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It’s thought you have impeccable vision if you’re able to spot the ingenious pooch in under 15 seconds.

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