Agatha All Along will cast a spell on Disney Plus this September

While there’s been a bit of confusion about what the Agatha Harkness-focused series would ultimately be called, Kathryn Hahn, Patti Lupone, and Joe Locke revealed today that it will, in fact, be titled Agatha All Along, and its first two episodes will premiere on September 18th.

A brief teaser for the series made it seem like Agatha All Along will find Harkness (Hahn) trapped in a yet another show-within-a-show reality before a number of other witches free her, and it becomes clear that she’s lost most of her magical abilities. Compared to WandaVision, which had a playful sitcom tone, Agatha All Along looks like it’s going for a darker, more horror-oriented vibe. It’s not clear how the show is meant to fit into the larger MCU, but if it’s anything like its predecessor, it’s going to be a gas.

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