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The Invictus Games Foundation 10th Anniversary Service

Prince Harry visited the UK last week – but didn’t meet his father. (Image: Getty)

A former Royal aide has described it as “odd” that did not meet with his younger son, Prince Harry, during his recent visit to the UK.

This absence of a meeting, they suggest, indicates their relationship has “further deteriorated,” reports the Mirror.

Prince Harry was in London to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. It was initially believed he would see his father during this time.

However, no meeting took place between the King and his son, who now resides in California with his wife and children.

The King Passes Role Of Colonel-In-Chief Of The Army Air Corps To The Prince Of Wales

King Charles’ schedule meant he could not meet Harry. (Image: Getty)

Furthermore, no senior royals were present at the service held at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Harry did, however, meet with the siblings of Princess Diana who were there to support him.

According to Grant Harrold, a former Royal butler, the duke may grow closer to his mother’s side of the family due to the “deteriorating” state of his relationship with his own family.

Mr Harrold, who worked for Charles and Camilla from 2004 to 2011, suggested that mending the Royal rift “isn’t an option at the moment” and could be “beyond the point of no return”

The King Passes Role Of Colonel-In-Chief Of The Army Air Corps To The Prince Of Wales

King Charles later met Prince William for an engagement. (Image: Getty)

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, Harrold voiced his surprise at the lack of a meeting between Harry and his family during his recent UK visit.

He said: “I don’t know why they didn’t meet. To me, it seemed odd because obviously you would have thought that when a family member is in a country, you would make sure you’ve made a point of going to make appointments with them.

“The fact the King said he was extremely busy and yes, he was, he had a garden party in the afternoon, and it’s possible that maybe his calendar was very full.”

He added: “Sadly, I think it’s a sign of how much things have deteriorated and shows you the relationship between them has obviously decreased further, and again, the same with Prince William.

“Even now I’m beginning to think maybe there will not be a return point from this because the relationship has been so badly damaged.

“But as with all things, time can heal. It’s possible one day the relationship – in some shape or form – could be back on the cards but right now I don’t think that’s an option.”


Prince Harry travelled to Nigeria with Meghan after his UK visit. (Image: Getty)

A spokesperson for Harry confirmed he would not meet his father during his short trip to the UK last week due to the monarch’s “full programme”.

They said in a statement: “It unfortunately will not be possible due to His Majesty’s full programme.”

The statement hinted at a possible reunion, noting: “The Duke of course is understanding of his father’s diary of commitments and various other priorities and hopes to see him soon.”

Discussing Harry’s bond with Diana’s kin, Mr Harrold observed: “He’s always been very close to his mother’s family, even when I worked there. It’s always been the case, and as he’s got older, he’s realised that you’ve only got one family.

“It’s possible that because he’s become so distanced from his own father’s family, reaching out to his mother’s family is something that maybe he feels a connection to more.”

The King Passes Role Of Colonel-In-Chief Of The Army Air Corps To The Prince Of Wales

King Charles and Prince Harry did not meet last week. (Image: Getty)

“It’s not unusual, really, but again, it just shows you how with families, we’ve all got large families and sometimes you’re closer to one branch than the other.”

The relationship between Harry and his father has been notably chilly, particularly after Harry’s explosive revelations about his Royal relatives in his bombshell memoir ‘Spare’, where he didn’t hold back on his feelings towards his stepmother Camilla.

Despite the tensions, it’s understood that the King was eager to meet with his son, who has made his home across the pond in California.

A source revealed last week: “Harry has kept in regular contact with his father on several occasions and made no secret of his desire to see him when he can. He has been especially concerned about him and hopes the King will be well and able to see him as planned.”

Harry’s recent visit to the UK marks his second this year, following a brief February trip to see Charles after the public learned of the King’s cancer diagnosis.

The Duke of Sussex managed a mere 30-minute meeting with his father at Clarence House.

This visit is seen as a positive move towards mending their strained relationship, which took a hit when Harry and Meghan stepped back from Royal duties in 2020 and relocated to America.

In an interview on American television, Harry expressed his hope that his father’s health situation might lead to a “reunifying effect” for the family.

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